The parliamentary opposition, represented by "Democracy Index - Georgia" and members of the Group of Independent Lawyers, are challenging the amendments to the organic law "On Common Courts" in the Constitutional Court

In December 2021, the Parliament hurriedly amended the Organic Law “On Common Courts”. The amendments violate the constitutional rights of judges, limit the guarantees of independence of individual judges, and increase the leverage for the influential ruling group in the court to pressurize individual judges.

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Group of Independent Lawyers (GIL) responds to the campaign against judge Nino Bakakuri and demands real reforms

Recently, the clan dominating the court and the ruling government has launched a targeted campaign to discredit Supreme Court judge Ms. Nino Bakakuri. Deputies who left the political party Georgian dream, pro-government media, and experts are also involved in the campaign.

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"Georgian Dream" is Attempting to Remove Public’s Ability to Monitor the Actions of the Authorities

The aggressive campaign of "Georgian Dream" against local non-governmental organizations is fast approaching an alarming level. The Georgian Dream's attack on civil organizations aims to eliminate public oversight over the activities of the government, which is another clear manifestation of authoritarianism, an irreversible and damaging development for the system.

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Georgian Dream must ensure the implementation of the twelve recommendations of the European Commission with the appropriate involvement of civil society

The tenth priority, stipulated in the recommendations of the European Commission, obliges the authorities to ensure the involvement of NGOs at all levels within the process of working on the recommendations. Any attempt to prevent such participation, especially under the pretext of narrow partisan opinions or tastes of party members, will be deemed a violation of this requirement.

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State Authorities Should Immediately Respond to Signs of Systemic Corruption in the Judiciary

On August 6, 2022, a TV report entitled "Hidden wealth of the leaders of the judicial clan" was disseminated as part of a journalistic investigation by the Studio Monitor.

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The Parliament summoned by the President is required to sit

On July 18, 2022, at the request of a part of the parliamentary opposition, the President of Georgia convened an extraordinary session of the Parliament. However, the session is unable to start due to a manipulative interpretation provided by the parliamentary majority. Meanwhile, the decree on summoning an extraordinary session of the Parliament issued by the President of Georgia remains in force, and the Parliament is obliged to sit.

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We believe that today, at a turning point for the country, the only priority is to obtain the status of a member state of the European Union at the end of the year

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The Parliament of Georgia must immediately resume its session to fulfill the EU conditions

Today, the process of Georgia's accession to the European Union is approaching a turning point. A window has opened for Georgia, which gives us a unique opportunity to get closer to Europe; however, so far, the Georgian government has fulfilled only the minimum requirements. Unlike Ukraine and Moldova, Georgia did not receive candidate status. However, the window of opportunity for Georgia is not yet closed. The European Commission has made a political decision that the issue of granting Georgia the status of a candidate will again be put on the EU agenda in six months.

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As per the decision of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics, it was found that the information disseminated by Imedi TV Channel that allegedly the United National Movement was behind the judges protest was inaccurate and deliberately distorted.

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Parliament Should Hold a Clear Position on the Processes Taking Place in Ukraine

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