D E M O C R A C Y   I N D E X


Our goal is to promote:

- Establishment of human rights and rule of law oriented state institutions accountable to law and the society, through monitoring as well as proposing to the state the ways to overcome challenges, through cooperation for their actual implementation.

- Strengthening democratic processes and civil society, development of active, free and responsible citizenship.

- Defining and implementing good public policy.

- European integration of Georgia.


Our goal is to:


Expose and overcome wrongdoing and injustice and achieve systemic changes.


We strive to: 

Promote the elimination of structural causes of poverty in the country, to achieve social justice, equality and solidarity.


We believe: 

Loyalty to the standards of democratic governance and democratic principles ​​as cultural value ​​of a human and a society are the guarantees of their peaceful development.

The state’s treatment of a human and its decisions shall not only be just and legitimate but also humane.  


We realize:

Individual freedom is his/her responsibility and we act with this responsibility.


We wish: 

Protection of human dignity and equality among people as the foundation of human rights, to govern the decisions made by state institutions.